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The Lontar Foundation for the promotion of Indonesian literature

The Lontar Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Lontar’s primary aim is to promote Indonesian literature and culture through the translation of Indonesian literary works.

Before Lontar was established, in 1987, there was virtually no place in the world where one could regularly obtain translations of Indonesian literature. Today, more than two decades later, Lontar remains the only organization in the world whose primary focus is the promotion of Indonesia through literary translations.

Over the years, Lontar has undertaken a number of significant research and documentation projects in connection with the preparation of various publications. Most of these projects are open-ended in nature, they can be resumed, whenever additional funding becomes available. All physical materials collected during the course of a project are stored in the Lontar Foundation library.

In addition, Lontar is buildung up a digital library for online access to electronic books, audio files, films, and digital images from over 250 manuscripts.


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