ASEASUK 2014 Conference

ASEASUK, the Association for Southeast Asian Studies in the UK, announces that its 28th Annual Conference will take place at the University of Brighton, UK from 12th to 14th September 2014.

Themed conference panels are as follows:
•Framing South East Asia: The role of the Museum
•Southeast Asian Performing Arts: Tradition in Modernity
•Malay/Indonesian Manuscript Studies
•Digital/Ritual: Southeast Asia and new global media
•Contemporary architectural and urban practices in Southeast Asia
•Resilience and responsibility in tourism
•Assembling Infrastructure: Development, Counterinsurgency and Political Struggle in Myanmar/Burma
•Political ecology, resilience and environmental justice in a changing Southeast Asia
•Conceptualizing political modernity in Southeast Asia
•Illiberal Pluralism in SE Asia’s Economic Reform Experience
•Contemporary Politics in Cambodia
•Constitutional Politics in Burma/Myanmar
•Gender, Migrations and Racialisation in Southeast Asia
•Rethinking Gender and Development in Southeast Asia: Methodological Entanglements.
•Emerging Scholars Panel
•Open panel

For more detailed information please view the conference homepage.

Brighton pavillion

Brighton pavillion


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