10th United Nations Day of Vesak 2014

Bai Dinh Temple, Vietnam, 7-11 May 2014

Every year since the resolution passed by the United Nation’s General Assembly on 15 December 1999 – the thrice-sacred day of Vesak (celebrating the birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha Gotama) is celebrated internationally. The International Council for the Day of Vesak has been granted Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council since 2013 – to honor commitments, the 10th United Nations Day of Vesak celebrations will take upon: “Buddhism and the UN Millennium Development Goals”, as the general theme of the 2014 UNDV Conference.

The organisers now call for papers for the 2014 United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV). Celebrations and an Academic Conference will be hosted by the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and will be held in Bai Dinh Temple, Vietnam, from 7-11 May 2014. Additional support for the conference is coming from Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University in Thailand, and the International Association of Buddhist Universities.

The conference and celebrations are expected to draw a gathering of 10,000 people – including 1,500 Buddhist leaders, Buddhist scholars and Buddhist practitioners from all of the Buddhist traditions around the world, and 8,500 from Vietnam.

The academic conference will be held on the second day of events (9 May 2014), and will be again organized through the International Association of Buddhist Universities (IABU) in collaboration with National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha.

Papers are now being invited for the UNDV Conference’s main theme on “Buddhist Perspective towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals.” The interdisciplinary study is encouraged and the organisers welcome abstracts or proposals from scholars in all fields related to the main and sub-themes of the conference, which include the following:

1. Buddhist Response to Sustainable Development and Social Change

2. Buddhist Response to Global Warming and Environmental Protection

3. Buddhist Contributions to Healthy Living

4. Peace-building and Post-Conflict Recovery

5. Buddhist Education and University Level Curriculum

Acceptable articles, determined by the academic peer-review committee, will be published together along with those highlighted for presentation. The conference volume will be available prior to the beginning of the presentations.

For more detailed information on participation and presentation of a paper, please contact the Editorial Committee Manager at icdv2014conference@gmail.com .


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